Why Buy From Us

30 Years in Business

Aspen Systems Direct is the online ecommerce division of the premiere supercomputer manufacturer Aspen Systems. Aspen Systems has been in business since 1982 providing our customers with high-quality custom servers, components and award-winning support.

Expertise and Trust

With over 30 years of experience you can trust us to assist you on making the best decision on your next high performance computing purchase. Our staff lives, eats and breaths technology.

Quality Assurance

Each system is built in our ESD 20:20 facility and goes through a lengthy quality assurance process prior to shipping. Aspen Systems is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and ensures that that our products meet or exceed our customers expectations.

Statement of Work

Customers are required to fill out a Statement of Work (SOW) on every system they purchase from us. This process helps to ensure quick delivery of a system that is configured to fully meet your specific needs.

Industry-Leading Components

We work closely with the leading hardware and software technology companies to offer our customers the best and most reliable hardware to meet today's toughest computing challenges. All of our partner's products are subjected to an extensive burn-in process to ensure that all components meet our high quality control standards.

Extensive Burn-in Process

All systems are subjected to an extensive burn-in process to ensure that all components meet our high quality control standards. The system must pass all tests and be verified by our senior engineering staff prior to shipping. For more information, see our Manufacturing Excellence page.

Shipping Materials

Aspen Systems Direct packs all products in shock-absorbent boxes according to manufacturer specifications to ensure your product arrives safe and sound. Additionally, all static sensitive devices are shipped in appropriate anti-static packaging.

No Bloatware

Unlike our larger competitors, Aspen Systems Direct never installs any unnecessary software on our systems. Your system will arrive with only the base operating system and all necessary drivers and software that you requested.

Strategic Partnerships

We leverage our 30 years in business by forging strategic partnerships with the best manufacturers in the industry. Because of these direct relationships we are able to cut out the middle man and pass our savings directly on to you.

Award-Winning Support

In case of an emergency, your hardware is promised to be taken care of with quality and trust. Rest assured that if something should go wrong with your hardware our highly skilled technicians will be immediately deployed to your location.

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