Manufacturing Excellence

Aspen Systems Direct takes pride in our manufacturing, system testing, and support capabilities. From conception, to integration, to installed support, Aspen Systems Direct's manufacturing excellence is part of our core culture, and this commitment helps you get the best possible product.

All systems are subjected to an extensive burn-in process to ensure that all components meet our high quality control standards. AIME (Aspen Integrated Manufacturing Environment) makes sure that your systems are assembled correctly and operating properly by performing a defined set of in-depth automated and stand-alone test loops on each component of your individual systems. Your system must pass all AIME tests before any software can be installed, the system can than have your chosen software installed, or shipped (bare metal).

At Aspen Systems Direct, we are dedicated to manufacturing excellence. We think we have one of the best manufacturing processes in the HPC marketplace, and the quality of our delivered systems reflects that. But rest assured, our involvement doesn't end when your system is on your floor and working. We offer industry leading support too.

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