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Storage Servers, JBODs, SSD Caching, SAN Devices and Tape Libraries

Aspen Systems Direct maintains a broad spectrum of data storage and backup products to make archiving and protecting your data easy and cost effective. We provide high performance storage servers that offer future expansion capabilities with attachable JBOD units. If you're looking to expand to vast amounts of storage space or need a dependable and trusted backup option we can equip you with enterprise class SAN/NAS disk units and tape libraries from brands that have become synonymous with data protection.

How important is your data?

Storage servers are used to provide a reliable and centralized file storage solution for your invaluable data. Properly equipped and configured storage servers can provide trouble-free and secure data storage for years to come.

There's nothing more important than your data, and there's nothing more disruptive than losing access to your data, or worse yet, losing that data forever. Your storage server configuration should reflect that importance. Reliability is much more critical in a data server than it is for a single desktop system; an outage on a data server can affect multiple people, or even your entire organization, while a desktop failure affects only one person. The configuration of your storage server hardware and software directly affects both the reliability and the performance of your data solution. It doesn't help to save money on your initial purchase if you suffer from poor performance or data loss.

For more information on storage servers, visit our Storage Server 101: Reliability page.

Storage Servers

Our bare-metal storage servers are used to provide a reliable and centralized file storage solution for your invaluable data. Properly equipped and configured storage servers can provide trouble-free and secure data storage for years to come.


ZFS is a 128-bit file system that has an expected lifetime of 30 years since it's capable of storing up to 18 million terabytes. ZFS has a long list of features from deduplication to unlimited snapshots to hybrid storage pools to built-in compression and more. Aspen offers ZFS storage solutions powered by NextenaStor and community-based FreeNAS and NAS4Free.


JBODs (Just a Bunch of Drives) provide expansion capabilities to our current line of storage servers. All JBOD systems require a host server with a host bus adapter (HBA) or a compatiable RAID controller card.

Tiered and Virtual Storage Technology

As data storage requirements continue to grow at unprecedented levels, the need for greater-capacity, high-performance storage solutions has become a necessity. As technologies like cloud computing and virtual machine deployment continues to mature, Aspen Systems has recognized the need to stay ahead of the curve with innovative, new storage products. With the number of virtual machines being deployed into enterprise workspaces at record-rates, it has become more critical than ever for today' storage units to keep up with the fast- growing demand for greater data capacity. Increasing storage capacity is only part of the challenge in keeping pace with a virtual environment. Today's virtual machine, storage units need to work faster and more efficiently in a scalable, cost effective platform. Innovative techniques such as Tiered Storage make it possible to achieve a highly scalable combination of speed and capacity with the use of SSD Drives, high-speed, spinner drives and large capacity data storage drives. Even tape drives, where speed is not as critical as long-term, archiving, play an important role in tiered storage solutions.

Storage and Software

With data capacity requirements growing by the hour, a storage solution must be highly efficient. State of the art, software plays a role in insuring proper utilization of CPU resources and other hardware, while at the same time, fine tuning, preserving and allocating the demand from the entire, IT environment. It is critical for storage to be able to perform the sophisticated software functions like advanced, Data DeDuplication, preserving data capacity and making most efficient use of an entire storage solution. Call Aspen Systems today to help design an efficient, tiered storage solution that is right for you and your business.

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