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Aspen Systems is proud to provide both a GPU Appliance and Firewall Appliance for your security and GPU Computational projects. A little bit about both of these computer appliances - the technology, why and how they are used:

Firewall Appliances

Our firewall appliance hardware comes to you as rackmountable, 1U security units with energy-efficient power supplies, fast, efficient processors, memory, onboard Gigabit Ethernet ports and solid state drives. Just like our systems configuration tools, we've given you simple drop-down menus for choosing memory, drives, networking and warranty options on your firewall appliance. Add additional and faster connectivity to your firewall with additional 2-port and 4-port, 1GbE or 10GbE networking adapters. The backbone of the successful firewall appliance is the operating system. Using the latest version of pfSense, OpenSource, 64-Bit firewall software, Aspen Systems can build you the most robust security appliances in the industry, at a very reasonable price. Add further insurance and protection to your security investment by choosing one of our flexible, warranty options; 24x7 Next Business Day replacement warranties are available in 1, 2 and 3 years with optional on-site service support.

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pfSense 2.0 1U Firewall Appliance

pfSense 2.0 1U Firewall Appliance

Price $495.06

NVIDIA Tesla S2050 GPU Computing Server

NVIDIA Tesla S2050 GPU Computing Server

Price $11,355.00

NextIO vCORE Express 2070 GPU Computing Solution (NVIDIA Tesla S2070)

NextIO vCORE Express 2070 GPU Computing Solution (NVIDIA Tesla S2070)

Price $12,825.00

GPU Appliances

Aspen Systems is a household name for NVIDA based, Tesla-powered GPU appliances. Achieve cool, energy-efficient, computation excellence at an affordable price with our 1U GPU computing servers. Tesla series GPUs with speeds up beyond 1.55GHz deliver the high performance GPU computing you need: With greater GPU memory bandwidth, groundbreaking double and single-point precision floating performance, you and your business can take on new, graphics-intensive research projects without having to fill up an entire laboratory with expensive, out-dated, server hardware. GPU Appliances, such as the NextIO vCORE Express fit neatly inside a 1U, 19" Chassis and consume a mere, 900W of TDP. All GPU appliances include rail kits and come fully installed and configured. Aspen Systems provides all of the cabling and accessories you need for your GPU appliances including single and dual-port Host Bus Adapters and PCIe .5 and 2-meter, external cabling.

Appliances for Tomorrow

Aspen Systems will continue to offer the latest Security Firewall and GPU computer appliance hardware in the industry. We recognize that in this fast-paced, changing world of HPC and Enterprise computing, we have to keep ahead by offering the latest, most cutting-edge computing appliance available. Instead of resting on our laurels and past success, we will continue to forge ahead with cutting-edge technology in both firewall and GPU appliances. With over 30 years of experience in the HPC / High-Performance computing industry, we have your computer appliance needs fully covered for now and for the near and long-term future.

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