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Aspen Systems Direct is your online source for a selective array of high-performance servers. We are able to offer our customers significant price and performance advantages on all of our rackmount servers because of our strategic relationships with industry leading manufacturers of rack mount style servers. Don't sacrifice the quality of your servers, or the customer service you need to make sure you are getting the most out of your purchase.

Aspen Systems Direct rackmount servers are custom designed and built to our customer's specifications, and according to their individual needs. All of our rack mount custom servers can be upgraded as your business grows, making us a one-stop solution for your most intense applications.

Take some time to browse our incredible selection of servers, and then contact us to find out how we can customize a solution for your particular business needs. With over 30 years in the business of custom designing rack mount style servers for a wide variety of clients, we are eager to exceed your expectations.

An Overview of Our Rackmount Servers

What follows is a brief overview of the wide variety of rack mount style servers we offer. Whether your business applications are small, medium or large, you will find a good point of reference for creating your own custom rackmount servers. Our systems are built with enterprise-grade components and we exclusively use Kingston memory in all of our rackmount servers. Kingston is well-known for their rock-solid stability, performance, and reliability. Also all systems are subjected to an extensive burn-in process. For more information visit our Manufacturing Excellence page.

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Server Brands

Supermicro Rackmount Servers

Supermicro servers are recognized as industry leaders, because of their uncompromising standards. These servers are high-end solutions for industry professionals who rely on the performance of their servers for a variety of applications. Aspen Systems Direct is proud to have a direct relationship with Supermicro that has lasted over a decade. Our engineers work together to meet the needs of our most demanding clients.

If you need servers with redundant components and the highest price/performance ratio available today then Supermicro has servers will exceed your expectations. With service and support that is unrivaled, you can rest assured that any issues that arise, at any time of day, will be addressed immediately. Supermicro rackmount servers are available as Intel-based servers or AMD Supermicro A+ servers.

ASUS Rackmount Servers

Advanced and dependable, ASUS servers have achieved well-deserved recognition from today's leaders in high performance computing. ASUS commitment to EPU technology, available in many of their servers, is driving them into a lead position in the field of supercomputing. ASUS is committed toward balancing energy efficiency with high performance in all of their servers. Their goal is to provide the highest quality servers on the market today by building stable and cost effective solutions for a diverse range of situations.

Form Factor

1U Rackmount Servers

Our 1U servers come in either single or twin configurations. This makes it possible for your rackmount servers to achieve extreme computing density with outstanding cooling characteristics.

Our 1U rack mount servers can be configured with SATA hard drives, solid state storage, and high-speed memory for the highest computing efficiencies achievable. Available configurations for our servers include the most advanced processors from Intel and AMD.

2U Rackmount Servers

If you're looking for an excellent compromise between computing density and cooling capacity in your rack mount servers then our 2U servers might be perfect for you. These servers offer greater flexibility for add-in cards and improved cooling. Our 2U servers also capable of being equipped with higher capacity SATA hard disks or solid state storage than our 1U servers.

Aspen Systems Direct offers the latest AMD and Intel processors on its 2U servers configured precisely to your custom needs, including fast and reliable Kingston memory.

3U Rackmount Servers

When you need more drive bays in your rack mount servers, the 3U might be a suitable option for your applications. These servers are available with the most modern AMD and Intel processors, such as the Opteron and Xeon respectively.

4U Rackmount Servers

When you need the highest possible storage density available in your servers, without going to SAN or another one of our dedicated storage solutions, then our 4U servers might be ready for your custom configurations. All of our 4U servers can be configured with our high-density hot-swap SATA hard drives or reliable hot-swap solid state drives. These servers can also be outfitted with the highest quality Intel and AMD processors.


Storage Rackmount Servers

Aspen Systems Direct offers a large selection of expandable storage servers at unbeatable prices. These servers feature enterprise-grade components that gives you a reliable, expandable high performance storage solution that your business can depend on. These servers are capabable of up to hundreds of terrabytes of storage with the addition of JBOD units.

High-Density Rackmount Servers

Our high density rack mount servers are at the cutting edge of the most modern technologies. Cloud computing represents a new era in technological advancement, and Data Centers are growing exponentially. These advancements call for dramatic improvement in the ability of your servers to handle computing functions. You also need to manage your power efficiency, ability to expand, and your overall serviceability. Meanwhile, you must also consider how all of this relates to your cost, energy usage, and space requirements.

By offering fully customizable high-density rackmount servers, Aspen Systems Direct is taking the lead in addressing the most modern problems with innovative solutions.

GPU Rackmount Servers

NVIDIA Tesla GPU rack mount servers are designed to be a very energy efficient and inexpensive way to add processing power to existing servers or clusters. These configurations allow the CPU to handle programming tasks while the GPU handles complex mathematical processing. The power consumption of these servers is unmatched in the industry.


AMD Opteron Rackmount Servers

The AMD Bulldozer-powered Opteron 6200 Series Processor series servers are optimized for faster performance, durability, and reliability. These servers offer better performance for virtual environments, cloud computing, and high-performance computing. A variety of form factors are available for these rackmount servers so we can provide our customers with the most cost effective and scalable options.

Intel Xeon Rackmount Servers

We offer a wide range of customizable rack mount servers that support the latest Intel Xeon series processors, ideal for data centers, virtualization applications, cloud computing, and many other intensive applications.

The systems we are now building with the E5-2600 processors will take your computing capabilities to the next level with a 30% increase over the last generation.

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