High Performance Computing (HPC) Solutions

Experts in Professional HPC Clusters and Solutions

Aspen Systems is the leader in designing custom high-performance computing (HPC) solutions to meet and exceed our customers expectations. We've designed, installed, and supported thousands of HPC systems over the past two decades in a huge range of fields, from Computational Fluid Dynamics to mathematics to weather data processing and more.

HPC Services

We build some of the world's best HPC clusters, but we also offer much more. A sales engineer can help you with:

  • Facilities design and improvements
  • Large storage implementations
  • Power and cooling solutions for facilities ranging from network closets to huge data centers.
  • Software optimization
  • Cluster administration help for nearly any situation, from covering an administrator's sick day to fully managing a cluster environment.

If you need complex custom HPC cluster design assistance, additional HPC services, or turn-key custom HPC solutions, please visit us at http://www.aspsys.com or call a sales engineer at 1.800.992.9242.

Our HPC Products

Like most HPC vendors, we offer a standardized cluster build and packages that follow all HPC best practices. But unlike some other vendors, we also can customize your cluster hardware and software, with options and capabilities tuned to your specific needs and your environment. An Aspen Systems sales engineer will lead you through our detailed cluster design process. (For an outline of the process, see our HPC Buyers Guide.)

If a standard cluster configuration meets your needs, we offer the highest-quality systems available. If you need a one-of-a-kind cluster designed to your precise specifications, we have the flexibility and engineering expertise to build it.

Turn-Key Systems

In nearly all cases we ship clusters to our customers as complete turn-key solutions, including full remote testing by you before the cluster is shipped. In some cases all our customers have to do is unpack the racks, roll them into place, connect the power and networking, and start computing.

Built with the Highest Level of Expertise

With many years of experience in the high-performance computing industry, Aspen is uniquely qualified to provide unparalleled systems, infrastructure, and management support tailored to your unique needs. Built to the highest quality, customized to your needs, and fully integrated, our clusters provide many years of trouble free computing for customers all over the world. Aspen can handle all aspects of your HPC needs, including facility design or upgrades, supplemental cooling, power management, remote access solutions, software optimization and many additional managed services.

Supported by Superior Service

All of our customers receive free standard customer support from some of the most experienced support engineers in the industry. Technical support is available 8:30 - 5:30 Mountain Time, Monday-Thursday, 8:30 - 5:00 Friday by phone or email.

If you want a higher level of support, we have a range of support packages and add-on services, including:

  • Flex Service - Future-proofing and upgrades.
  • Total Service: All the benefits of Flex Service, plus full cluster administration.
  • Onsite services - We'll come to you to fully integrate your new cluster into your existing infrastructure or perform other upgrades and changes.
  • Training - Standard and customized training packages for your administrators and end users.

See our Support Options page for the full details.

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