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There is nothing more valuable to an enterprise business – or any other organization for that matter, than its informational data. High performance, efficient enterprise storage solutions have become more critical than ever as the data capacities of structured organizations continue to rise at exponential rates. With the increasing use of virtual machines and hypervisors like VMWare, vSphere, etc. the importance of state-of-the-art, storage products has become a top priority of enterprise business. As enterprise applications become larger, faster, virtualized and more sophisticated, enterprise organizations look to bigger, faster, secure and more efficient storage to embrace the ever-changing, technology. Let's face it, enterprise storage is the backbone of today's information technology.

The Building Blocks of a Successful Storage Solution

Like application and file servers, a company's storage solution must be able to stand-up to the 24 x 7, stress and demand from multiple, diverse users requesting its data. No one has a better understanding or grasp of the current technology behind an efficient, secure, fast and reliable storage system than Aspen Systems. As a leader in the HPC, High Performance Computing business, Aspen Systems provides reliable and practical storage solutions to critical businesses, research labs and universities across the globe. While reliability and performance are key attributes to an appropriate storage solution, it takes an experienced, industry professional like Aspen Systems, to customize, design and build the right storage solution for the right enterprise situation.

The First Piece in Solving the Storage Puzzle

At Aspen Systems we don't believe the one-size-fits-all, approach works in the high performance computing and storage business. The right, enterprise storage solution begins with the relationships we build with our customers. Our team of highly-skilled and experienced engineers recognizes that the solution that's right is one that is uniquely matches your business goals and requirements. That means asking the right questions about your server technology, applications, desktops, virtualization, budget and data and capacity requirements. Our customer relationship is the first step in building an enterprise storage solution that is successful.

Enterprise-Class Components and Brands

Next, it pays to know the hardware components. When it comes to storing your company's life-blood, data loss is not an option. With over 30 years in the computing business, Aspen Systems knows which component brands hold-up best; for how long and under what circumstances. Using only the most robust components and peripherals is a vital puzzle piece that goes into building a successful storage unit.

Enterprise-Class Hard Drives

Is there a more important building block to a storage server than the hard drive? Not all hard drives are created equal. In fact, Aspen Systems only uses enterprise-class drives in all of its storage and server builds. Enterprise-class hard drives provide unmatched reliability when it comes to crucial storage tasks such as disaster-and-recovery, backup, archiving and online storage. Enterprise-class drives are not only made to be more reliable and last longer, but they have other capabilities that go beyond that of your typical desktop drives. For instance, enterprise drives are far better than desktop drives at handling bad-sectors in such a way that preserves data and reduces the risk of corruption. Furthermore, enterprise storage drives are designed for operation in large configurations resulting in better performance, higher reliability, cooler operating temperatures and longer meantime between failure (MBF). All of the latest hard drive technology is available as enterprise-class hardware, including SAS, SATA and SSD interfaces. Aspen Systems builds them all using only enterprise formats.

RAID and File Systems

There are lots of choices when it comes to storing and serving data. Choosing an appropriate RAID technology today is as much an art as it is a science. The key to appropriate storage solutions means finding the proper balance between redundancy and performance. Because each enterprise business is unique from top to bottom, the solution that works well for one might not be the best solution for another. While understanding the unique needs of an enterprise storage environment is half the battle, it is only part of the entire process for choosing the right solution. Aspen Systems offers a wealth of innovative techniques which utilizes the many different ways data storage performance and redundancy can be maximized for different storage environments. Virtualization, tiered storage, SSD performance and caching are a few technology areas in which the knowledge and expertise of a company like Aspen Systems play a role in putting together enterprise storage solutions that makes the most sense for a particular enterprise environment.

Additional Storage Insurance and Protection

If securing data while maximizing storage performance is the goal, what then, is the insurance policy? Even with the most reliable enterprise-class, hardware in the industry, over time, disk failure is inevitable. Aspen Systems minimizes the potential for disaster and adds an extra level of comfort in a number of ways: Intelligent use of Hot-Spares, Cold-spares, Raid Battery Backup Unitis (BBUs) and UPS Backup units are additional insurance policies for providing added protection to an enterprise's storage investment. Additionally, Aspen Systems can monitor storage servers on-site, alerting and responding to disk failures, greatly minimizing the chance of data loss or down time.

Design your Storage Solution with Aspen Systems Today

Whatever your storage needs are; how complicated, how large or small, don't take the burden on all by yourself. Aspen System's team of sales engineers are ready to custom-design an effective enterprise storage solution that is not only right for your organization, but exceeds your expectations in every way. Call us today at 1-800-992-9242 so we can begin assisting you with a custom storage server.

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