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Supermicro SuperBlade Solutions

At Aspen Systems Direct, we offer a wide line of the most advanced blade servers on the market today. Our custom Supermicro SuperBlade brand servers have numerous benefits, including low management costs, superior power efficiency, high scalability, and they are very affordable.

Blade style servers also provide the highest socket density per unit of rack space, and yield greater performance with a much smaller footprint. With up to 40 sockets per 7U, these servers show a 42 percent increase per 1U. That means that these servers are denser than the densest two-in-1U! When you combine these technical attributes with the fact that there is over 1.2 terabytes of memory per 7U footprint, blade style servers offer an astounding amount of configuration options to meet the most demanding needs.

Our Supermicro blade style servers are also a green alternative to traditional servers because of their high efficiency power supplies. Today's blade type servers can achieve 92 percent efficiency, and since all of these servers share the same power backplane there is far less power wasted between nodes.

If you are looking for ease of management and a high level of control over your servers, Supermicro SuperBlade servers can be equipped with onboard IPMI 2.0 with KVM over IP and remote Virtual Media over LAN.

Just some of the many benefits of these blade type servers are as follows:

  • These servers support the most modern processors manufactured by Intel and AMD.
  • Supermicro SuperBlade servers have the highest memory expansion capabilities on the market today.
  • Environmentally responsible power efficiency – better than other servers.
  • They are highly flexible and customizable servers.
  • Supermicro SuperBlade servers are extremely effective for networking applications.
  • They offer memory expansion that is unparalleled in all other servers.

Our sales engineers are ready to custom design Supermicro servers for your demands and exceed your expectations. Call us today at 1-800-992-9242 to get started building your own custom blade servers.

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Blade Form Factors

Supermicro TwinBlade Custom Servers

Supermicro TwinBlade servers have all of the advantages of SuperBlade servers and are arguably the most advanced blade style servers on the market today. These servers are perfect for applications that include HPC supercomputing, cloud computing, data centers, oil and gas exploration, financial modeling, and scientific computing.

Supermicro TwinBlade servers support up to 120 DP servers with 240 Intel Xeon processors per 42U rack, with an unmatched 0.35U per DP node. These servers also include high-efficiency 2500W power supplies that are N+1 redundant. Networking options include up to two 4X QDR InfiniBand switches, up to 1/10GbE or 10GbE switches, and/or a 1GbE pass-through module. If you have need for a great quantity of bandwidth to support your most demanding applications, these blade style servers will be your workhorse.

Supermicro Datacenter Blade Custom Servers

These servers are the perfect solution to data center and HPC applications. As with all other Supermicro blade style servers they have extremely high power efficiency, which provides a great deal of energy savings. Their price/performance ratio is the best in the world of servers, and these servers offer high performance, high availability, and high density.

SuperBlade OfficeBlade Custom Servers

If you own a small to medium sized business, the Office Blade could be the server solution you're looking for. These servers operate at fewer than 50 decibels, which means noise won't be a factor in your office. Low power consumption helps with energy costs, and offers an environmentally sound approach. OfficeBlade servers are also easy to set up with remote management tools, and are highly customizable.

Blade Modules

Supermicro Modules for Your Custom Servers

Supermicro employs an application-optimized engineering philosophy when designing its modules for servers. All of their blade modules are fully upgradable for future computers, so as your business grows your servers can grow with you. Each blade is also fully interchangeable within the common system, offering maximum flexibility and customization for your 10 blade or 14 blade systems.

SuperBlade Networking Solutions

Networking options for SuperBlade servers include a variety of options to suit your individual needs. Whether you need simple Layer 2 type switching, or very fast Infiniband connectivity options, your servers can be custom built to meet your demands. Infiniband is the fastest networking technology available for commercial use servers in the industry. All SuperBlade networking options are hot-pluggable.

Management for Your SuperBlade Servers

You can take total control of your blade style servers, power supplies, cooling fans, and switches from a remote location with a chassis management module. Being able to monitor the status of your servers can help you avoid costly shutdowns or loss of important data. It also makes management far easier and the peace of mind that comes from being reassured your servers are operating nominally. Remote control capabilities round out the useful features of these important management tools for keeping your servers running at peak-performance.

Why Choose Aspen Systems Direct for Your Custom Servers

Aspen Systems Direct is proud to be the online source for a selective array of high performance computer systems and blade style servers. In business since 1982, we have been surpassing the expectations of our customers for decades with quality servers and award winning customer service and support.

We work closely with industry leading hardware and software companies so that we remain on the cutting-edge of the latest technological advancements in servers and computing. We also boast a direct relationship with Supermicro that has only grown stronger over the last decade. Our engineers work together with Supermicro engineers to ensure that all of blade style servers are meeting our high standards of quality and reliability.

All of our blade servers are fully customizable to meet your needs. We build redundancy into our systems that we assemble, test, and deliver your servers to you at the lowest prices on the market today. When the performance of your servers really matter you can trust Aspen Systems Direct to put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

Call us at (888) 227-1286 or email us at for free assistance if you have any questions or need help designing your custom servers.

Aspen Systems Direct is your online source for a selective array of blade style servers manufactured by Supermicro. We are ready to help you make your most demanding business applications a reality.

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